Hey there, welcome to your portal to all things plus-size in Australia and beyond.

My goal is to help you make the MOST of who you are TODAY!

I don’t pretend to know everything about being body positive or correctly using the “politically correct” terminology to avoid offending or triggering others, I’m human, I don’t always get it right. But what I do know is how to make the most of who I am today.

At 46 years old I’ve learned a lot about myself and my body – lots of it things I wished I had learnt much earlier in my life –  for example; that listening to fad diet advice is not healthy, that years ago I was convinced by the powers that be to not eat eggs every day because they would higher my cholesterol; or that I should eat low-fat everything – the list could go on for pages.  Flash forward a number of years and low- fat suddenly equals too much added sugar and now it’s no sugar I should be touting – but now it’s ok for me to eat eggs everyday?! Oh lord give me strength – who do you believe? Let’s face it whatever makes money for those that can benefit drives the media cycles and the marketing of all things.

Or that I shouldn’t wear this or that because I was over a fashionable size?!

These days I ignore the fads, eat in moderation, do my best to exercise regularly and know instinctively what is right for me. I don’t get caught up in the hype, I am head down, bum up working on my dream, raising my family and living my life and I get up every day and I choose clothing that makes me feel good, that suits my shape and suits my mood.

Why? Because I listen to me – what makes me happy, what feels right.

Because I don’t need to BECOME, I already am.

Humans are driven by fear.

What would happen if we just stopped listening to the scare mongering when it comes to our bodies and just did what felt right for us?

My personal answer is – acceptance and love. I know, I did it.

Don’t think for a second that I feel perfectly happy with everything 100% of every second of every day, I don’t. Life is a journey, we are an ever changing being.  I’m human. Fear lives within me. But these days, and for at least the last 9 years I’ve happily managed to feel content and love myself and what I stand for and how I look.

What you’ll find here is different, I’m not a blogger or Instagrammer posting copious amounts of images of what I’m wearing, promoting brands and driving sales. What you’ll find here is a portal of information where I “blog” about topics, post on social media asking questions, opinions etc. and sometimes a fashion brand related promotion (but only because I want to not because someone paid me to), sometimes an image or two of me wearing something I love, but always it will be based on my personal and professional opinion of embracing my shape. You’ll find a community if you want it, a portal of information and services if you don’t, and both if that’s your thing.

Essentially this is a place of tools and resources, services, content and a place to connect.

I recognise your right to choose your own course for your own body. I pride myself on realistic & honest services and set the bar high in authenticity.

So glad you could join me.

Love your shape!

Janine x