I’m so glad you can join me on my journey further into the curvy future…

Who Am I?

Be snoopy, find out all about me here

It’s my 41st year in life this year and so much has happened, is about to happen and will happen. I’m evolving.

What can you expect from this space?

You can expect me to share, I’m good at sharing. Sharing my voice, my thoughts, my expertise in all things curvy, my life, my health.

My health? yes indeedy… I want to share my recent story, as it’s so indicative of what is happening all across the country (and perhaps the world) at the moment in relation to healthcare and general wellbeing. Expect some boundaries to be pushed.

Join in…

What’s more I want to encourage you to join in, comment on what’s happening, join in, share. Follow Me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, wherever it suits you…

What’s New?…

Plus-size Wholesale Fashion Agent – Labels I represent

Fashion – Including curvy reviews and curvy brides!

Resources – Services I highly recommend

Shop – The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Melbourne

Ask Me…

Is there something you want to ask? Reviews you’d like to see? Information you’d like to know? How does something work in the Plus-Size Industry, Ask me… I’ll tell it to you straight.

This is my creative space.. it’s evolving, it’s new, it’s exciting….

Love your shape!

Janine x


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