Good-bye Chafing…

No. 1 RULE: To prevent chafing, you have to prevent moisture/sweating

Here’s some tips for you on how to prevent the dreaded chafing:

Leggings/Bike Shorts

A lot of women swear by wearing leggings or bike shorts under their dresses or skirts during summer. I personally find this too hot, too many layers. But, it does work as the fabric provides a barrier between your thighs that does prevent chafing – if you can stand feeling overheated. It also adds another layer and can create unwanted lines. For some women, a positive of wearing leggings or bike shorts is that it  adds a level of shaping assistance – holding curves in place. With some clothing styles, for example a tunic, leggings looks great and give you the added advantage of protecting your thighs.

Powders & Creams

A great, simple solution is to use a cream or powder to prevent the chafing. 3B Cream is a must have, I usually apply my moisturiser and then if I know it’s going to be a scorcher I add some 3B cream to my inner thighs – prevention is better than the cure! In fact, I find that a lot of body creams or mositurisers can be used in the same way. There are also a range of powders, like this one from Curash that you apply in the same way. Both these creams and powders can be used under your breasts to prevent sweating and chafing (especially if you’re wearing an underwire bra – arhggh).


These babies are AWESOME. Think, sexy lingerie, think good-bye chafing!  I found these during a google search some years ago for a customer and have heard nothing but good things. Recently Julia at Bandelettes sent me a pair to try for myself and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. It feels so special to slide the lacy bandelette up your thigh, position it just where you need the protecting and off you go. All day I felt like I was wearing some gorgeous lingerie, instead of a chafing preventer! How luxe is that.



The Bandelettes come in Black, beige, red and chocolate, and come in 6 different sizes to from 21″ – 32″ sized thigh and are anti-slip, in fact they fit perfectly and feel so comfortable.

What works for you?

Love your shape!

Janine x

19 thoughts on “Good-bye Chafing…

  1. Haha, too many bad experiences to count!
    Red, bleeding, burn 🙁
    Been wearing bikeshorts since high school; hating how everyone can see them under all my skirts!!
    Would LOVE to try those Bandelettes!

    • Hi Ladies, Just home from my trip overseas and realised I hadn’t picked a winner – my apologies. THE WINNER IS Rachelle, who posted a great comment on the website. Congratulations Rachelle, email me or ring me on 0405-319-691 and I’ll post out your pair of Bandelettes! Thanks to everyone for your comments and sharing. Love your shape! Jx

  2. I chafe so bad, I almost set fire to my undies! I end up with a nasty patch of pain on each thigh and powder or cream just wears off. I have tried bike shorts and the rubbing sound they make is a dead giveaway. With pain from a lower back injury, losing weight is a pipe dream. I think the bandelettes are gorgeous and very feminine.

  3. Chaffing is the burden of my life. I love wearing dresses and I am always hot and sweating (even in the middle of winter) but I get scared of wearing my cool flowing dresses as I chaff so bad I bleed and end up walking like a cowboy as it hurts so bad

  4. What a fabulous idea!
    I’ll never forget going to teh races one day in summer and thinking (i.e. talking myself into), “oh no, i’ll be fine wearing pantyhose – I won’t need bike shorts”! BAD MISTAKE! By the end of the day,I could barely walk adn I took sweet relief from an ice pack!
    Bandelettes look like a dream come true – LOVE the white lacey ones!

  5. My experience with Bandelettes was not so good. I measured carefully and ordered the right size and they were too big! Also, the elastic/silicon that keeps them up is really irritating if you have sensitive skin.

    I think they work if you have toned thighs, if they are dimpled and fat like mine – just NO!

    • Oh that’s such a shame Jane 🙁 I guess it’s like anything each solution is very personalised, some things work for some and not others. Have you discovered anything else that has helped you? Janine x

      • Like Jane the silicone affects me. My skin comes up in tiny blisters all the way around, usually in two lines like the silicone. Almost as irritating & painful as chafing!

        I discovered an amazing runners product by 2Toms called sportshield. Similar to body glide but I read that one has a distinctive odour. Sadly I find it a bit expensive now but definitely give it a try if the bandlettes don’t work for you. The sportshield lasts all day.
        In a pinch deodorant also works for short periods of time.

        • Hi Kate
          Just read your comment about the sports shield. Where can you buy this in Australia please? Is it available in sports stores as I’ve never heard of it before.

      • Thank you so much for responding! I use a couple of things: TS leggings (the v first ones they made (about 8 years ago) in a wicking fabric actually work – thankfully I bought three pairs as they changed the material and it’s not nearly as good now), Virtu bike shorts (okay but a little sweaty in the underpants!); I’ve tried the ones that Lisa’s Lacies sell and again the stitching irritates and is sweaty. I have such a low pain tolerance – maybe that’s the problem? 😉

        • That could definitely be impacting on your ability to find a comfortable solution Jane 🙁 I really feel for you, that’s not fun. Go with what works for you. I know of a brand new product being launched onto the market in the very near future, keep your eyes peeled because you’ll be first on my list to advise as soon as it’s available. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna want to hug the designers (and me!) Stay tuned…

  6. Chaffing is the pits!
    I use to only wear pants in the office but now I see clients daily skirts and dresses are a nicer choice. I would always wear bike shorts underneath but if I forget! AAAAH! OUCH THE PAIN!

  7. hi Janine
    Just ordered some of these amazing looking things & hopefully it’ll be the end to chafing, hot, sweaty inner thighs this summer.
    Thanks heaps for the info. I’ll let you know how I go.
    Do you know if there is an Australian distributor? I reckon they’d go off here during our hot summers.

    • Hi Leanne,
      Thanks for your feedback and I’d love to hear how you go with the Bandelettes. I’ll be posting about the new anti-chaffing shorts that are about to launch onto the market next week shortly. Currently the Bandelettes are only available via the USA. Love your shape! Jx

  8. I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m excited to try some of your suggestions.
    I sweat excessivly, I was born that way, and I’m on a medication that makes the sweating worse. I find that lycra bike shorts are the most comfortable and effective way at preventing chafing and fungal rashes but I’ve been unable to find any in my size for over a year. Now I have to try and reduce the pain of chafing and prevent the rash. The best way I’ve found is to use a small amount of argon oil at the end of the day and use a thin layer of pawpaw ointment at the start of the day.

    • Hi Mandy, thanks for your comments and joining me. That sounds so very painful. I encourage you to invest in a pair of Sonsee anti-chaffing shorts as soon as possible, they are incredible and you won’t look back, chaffing will be a thing of the past. Let me know how you go. Love your shape! Jx

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