Oh Target Australia – I got your message loud and clear!

WARNING – Rant ahead….

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I’m just back from a visit to my local Target Australia​ store at Southland.

I’m heading up to Brisbane after Easter to work on a styling project (more details soon – I promise!), and so I wanted to do a little scouting of what’s available in plus-size at Westfield at the moment. I’m not usually a Westfield shopper, but for the purpose of this project, Westfield is our preferred location, so I hit up every store that boasts a plus-size range in my afternoon of research.

As I entered the Target store at the main entrance I was wooed by a display of garments that appealed to my “gypsy/boho” side. Ooooh, love. As I investigated further, earmarking at least 6 garments I wanted NOW, I scouted the racks for sizes. This label is called “Lily Loves” which is touted on the Target website as “youthful free spirited fashion designed to reflect your individuality and style at amazing value”. Mmmm, ok, so it’s a range aimed at teens, early adults – ok, but surely they also come in sizes larger than a 4-12?? Looking at the Target website I’ve deduced that this label goes up to a size 16, but I couldn’t find one.

Ok time to move on.

LilyLoves1LilyLoves2Feeling dejected, but not one to be put off easily, I headed through the next section, again drawn by some gorgeous styles and fabrics, this section is “Life&Style – effortlessly stylish casualwear designed in Australia”… nice. This was more like it, I found more than 5 garments I fell in love with, and the sizes on offer were 6-20 on the racks that I scouted. A quick check of the website tells me that they are selling this label in sizes 6-26 – but WHERE ARE THE size 20+ garments in-store???? No where to be seen. I tried on two styles in a size 20 – yep you guessed it, not a plus-size 20, a mainstream 20 that was not going to fit – ever.


S**T Seriously?

Further I went, deeper, and deeper into the store. Oh there it was, the “plus-size” section. How novel to find it at the back of the women’s section.

I seriously wish I’d bought a tissue with me, I almost had tears streaming down my face.

Now remember – I wasn’t actually there with the purpose to buy, BUT I was there with the purpose to BRING IN CUSTOMERS to show them how to make the most of who they are today, and work with garments to help style their curvy figures.

If this experience bought me to tears (and I’m a convert of our fabulous Australian designers, so I know that what I want isn’t available at Target) – how would my customer feel?  BUT if one or two of those tops above had worked for me, I probably would have purchased. AND I would have made sure that Target is on my list of stores to visit with my styling customers.

Instead, this is what I was confronted with:



























I’m not shy of  saying it how I see it, but I usually refrain from flat out negative comments. I try to be constructive.

Today however, I don’t even have a thread of anything to be constructive with after this experience.

Target, you should be ashamed.

Australian women deserve better than this.

The message I got loud and clear today is that you are happy to provide on-trend, affordable fashion for anyone that is a size 4-20 (mainstream)..

BUT preferably if they are in the 4-12 size range – there’s a plethora of options

AND if you fit into a 14-20 in mainstream, well, if you can find them on the rack – please buy them.

Anyone outside of that range. Sorry, you’re out of luck.

Target – Shame on you.

Australian curvy ladies – please support LOCAL AUSTRALIAN DESIGNERS – they UNDERSTAND what you want, AND they won’t treat you like you don’t deserve it.

I deserve better, We deserve better.

Love your shape!

Janine x

52 thoughts on “Oh Target Australia – I got your message loud and clear!

  1. I haven’t shopped at Target for well over a year now for this reason. Their plus size range is pathetic and so is Kmart. Big W and Best and Less are starting to get better which is a plus I guess (no pun intended lol) A few years ago I discovered Dream Diva, they have amazing clothes but are on the pricey side.

  2. After having twins I couldn’t fit into much so I went shopping at Target and managed to get 1 shirt that was not black (its navy blue lol) 4 months later and a change in season I go back looking for clothes in smaller sizes only to see THE EXACT SAME TOP on the racks and it’s not only the female section either the male section is exactly the same…not only do they not have a variety of colours… apparently ‘fat people’ don’t deserve new styles either…this is why I order online!!

  3. I feel like I am a fairly strong, confident person but I have walked out of Target in tears. These type of stores need to stop their blatant discrimination against the plus sized. For all the women (and men) that aren’t so confident, I hope things change. No one should have to come out of a store feeling like that. And trust me when I say once you get a feeling like that from a particular store you don’t want to go back.

  4. Yep sadly targets range of plus size clothes stinks again so do k marts why is it so hard for them to design and make clothes that fit well, interesting as in stylish and are not black all the time, tents are not flattering at all

  5. Im with you 200%! The original Belle Curve line was so cutting edge, yet as soon as they were left to deal with it on ther own, the plus range died a terrible death! There are straight size options for work-wear, Activewear, casual, formal – everything. There’s something there for every style and demographic, yet as soon as its over a size 20 it’s aimed at older women and any sense of style or trend goes out the window. Target should take note of every woman who comments on this blog or posts on their Facebook because that’s the only way to count how many customers are walking out the door and straight into their competitors! Great post, Janine!

  6. Ok I agree, this stuff is pretty boring and dull BUT in Targets defence (I know right?), they are selling what people usually buy. Now I rarely wear plain drab clothes but lots of my friends do. They don’t want to stand out. They like black because its “slimming” etc. So I am just thinking they are selling what they think their market will be. And in fairness it is almost winter here in Melbourne so they are moving towards more warm items so they do tend to be a little boring, in my opinion. But overall I agree, they should just make ALL their clothes size 4 – 28. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • I agree with you Tanya. I personally haven’t bought any clothing for myself from Target stores for 2 years. Last thing I bought was a beautiful bright orange/red pullover. My father use to have a go at me for always wearing black. So I try hard not to buy the darker clothes now. But its hard when every time I got to Target it is dark, shapeless clothing. I think blaming Target for not reading our minds is a bit much though. Has anyone actually complained to Target directly? If a majority are buying this stuff, then of course they will keep selling it. Maybe if they are getting hundreds of women asking them for something else, they will start looking at sources products we want. Its just a suggestion

    • As a retail worker at a different chain (albeit one that has a bit more colour in our plus size range), I agree. The “dark colours are slimming” is a big reason why a lot of plus size clothing ranges tend to be in darker palates, with maybe a hint or two of colour or pattern. The other major factor is Target prides itself on selling more formal work wear clothes, for women who work in offices and the like, which leads to more dark colours so you can mix and match things and not break the office dress code.

      I will implore everyone, if you’re going to complain, please do so to Target’s head office so the buyers are actually informed of your complaint. The buyers are the only ones who can do anything about this. Don’t complain to the store workers etc, it’s not our fault. The managers don’t even have control over what we put out. We get sent it and are just told to put it out.

  7. I used to LOVE Target – they had the best range in sleepwear for the plus range, it was literally awesome and I always used to treat myself at Christmas and Mother’s Day from my son. I still have some pieces from quite a few years ago now, probably 5yrs old – the quality was there and the styling too, I didn’t mind paying a little extra for it and I have quite a range of theirs in my chest of drawers!!! This last Christmas however, I was shocked to find that unless I wanted to wear sleepwear that was like what my Grandmother would wear, then they had nothing for me at all!!! I actually spoke to a staff member and they said this was how the store was going, especially since the upgrade was done at my local branch. She did recommend/suggest I head to another branch that wasn’t really easy to get to and said I could look there as they sent their discontinued lines there and I should be able to find a few things there in this range!!! I was grateful for her help and advice and would have headed there if I wasn’t able to find things at another store all together!!! So Target has lost me for sleepwear – please don’t let me get started on normal clothing, yikes, I’d be here forever!!! I really hope my feedback helps and if you’d like to talk any further, please contact me via email. Thank you for your concern, Noelle xoxox

    • I have to admit, I used to LOVE their sleepwear. It was so comfy and not at all grandma like. Very disappointed its all changed. 🙁

  8. I have pretty much given up on Target as well it’s getting harder and harder to find nice clothes in their store that don’t look like a sack when I try them on… FYI Target plus sized women do have a shape and want to wear something flattering, I don’t want to wear something that makes me look bigger than I am because it is not fitted.

  9. I understand from someone who used to work at Target that they are standardising their range and not having a separate plus size section – this is based on hearsay so not sure if it is correct. I agree with Tanya B – people tend to buy in black even if you carry other colours – colour doesn’t seem to sell!

  10. I’m with you Janine,
    Depressing styles, sleeves that cut off your circulation, boring, blah.
    In fact they don’t sit right even if we could get them on.
    I’ve been asking for years how about a few tops with elbow length sleeves, for those of us with bat wings that could carry us away.
    Big W and Kmart weren’t much better.
    It would be nice to buy something pretty and stylish at Target. But alas once you’re over a size 20, we may as well wear a potato sack.

  11. When I was a plus size which was only 12 months ago I did not like Targets plus size clothing. I am aged 66 but always like to dress in fashionable fun clothes and always found Targets clothing to be colourless, frumpy, too baggy etc. I didn’t want to cover my plus size curves in loose fitting clothing. I like my clothing to be fitted in all the right places and to show off my best parts. I have since lost a lot of weight and must say that I am enjoying shopping at Target nowadays. The normal size clothing is funky, fun and fashionable at an affordable price. I cannot see why plus size clothing should be any different.

  12. I think the issue comes down to the current designers. The majority of plus size friends I have love bright fun wear. Target used to do really nice plus size clothing. I wear a size 18 and used to be able to buy in the “normal” section but no longer. The plus size wear is very dowdy and the fabrics are shocking. I only wear natural fibres. I on the whole buy Australian designers but they are very expensive. I think Target really needs to pick up their game. There are so many plus size people that want to feel good, look good without spending hundreds.

  13. You used occasionally be able to find a plus sized pretty blouse or at least affordable basics in Target but I haven’t been able to find anything worth spending my money on there for about two years. Their range is pathetic. They’re basically saying to the plus size consumers of Australia (and there are a lot of us) “you’re unattractive, hide yourself, you have no right to feel confident and love yourself.”

    The only good thing about the substandard plus size ranges at places like Target and Kmart is that if I hadnt been frustrated while shopping with them I would never have found brands like Hope and Harvest and 17 Sundays.

  14. When the Buyer for Target is purchasing stock for the upcoming season, I’m absolutely sure they do their market research first; is Bo-ho “in”, maybe jewel colours, lace may be on trend. Shelves & racks are stocked with garments accordingly, because this is what the consumer is buying for 2015.

    Much like hats and fascinators will be stocked for the spring racing carnival.

    Where is MY lace, jewel tones, midi length skirts or peplum blouses?? Where is their market research for the plus size lady? I have good money to spend and in fact have a better disposable income than my teenage sisters. Target have told us again and again, over and over that we are merely an afterthought…..prove us wrong Target Stores – oh, and once in a while, lure is into your store by placing a rack or two near the front door!!

  15. Thanks for the support Janine. At least their negatives put a positive spotlight on the hard work we, and our fellow compadres are doing for curvy women. We really appreciate the support.

  16. Target’s plus size range is totally lacking in inspiration. Lacking in shape, lacking in any distinctive design features. Even my retired mother finds the styles too mature. So bad it is criminal. I can’t bring myself to believe any effort has gone into it whatsoever, but if it has, they should be totally ashamed of themselves.

  17. I live in a rural area.
    My closest town is Port Augusta – also known as the fattest town in South Australia…
    I’m as plus size 20 and finding plus sized clothing in Port Augusta is ridiculous! My options are Country Target, or Big W. I know I will rarely find something actually fashionable, but I can’t help looking everytime we go in.
    Today was the first time I’ve been to town in about a month. I was excited to get some autumn/winter wear. New clothing always makes me happy, even if it is boring everyday clothing.
    I started at Big W. No luck. Maybe 8 peices of plus size in store. Shapeless and styled for my nanna… not a great start but I marched on to Target determined to find something. Target had so many lovely autumn colours displayed out front! I was excited to get some cardigans, or a knit, or something a bit warmer. I looked at the racks out the front – nothing bigger than a 16.
    Oh well, I know the plus is hidden way down the back…
    I beeline for the plus area, I instantly see huge, shapeless sheets of material in black, white, grey and a hint of dark purple.
    I didn’t even try anything on. I felt deflated and upset that I miss out again! Target Port Augusta never got the nice Belle Curves range. I traveled to Port Pirie to buy some items – not that there was much left! If something nice ever does come in, it sells out within days and is never replenished!

    Living in the country doesn’t mean we don’t want fashion. It doesn’t mean we don’t want nice things. And it sure doesn’t mean I want to dress like a 70 year old!

    Why isn’t there anything nice for a young plus sized woman in a town of 10000?!?!?!

    Oh well back to online ordering. Back to hoping things fit when they get here. Back to my same boring wardrobe.

    I hope Target and the like, pick up their game! Seriously! I want nice things!

  18. I used to love target, now I cant find anything. Nothing is form fitting (for Australian curves, not tiny Asian ones). Everything is boat necked. Where did the V-neck shirt go?
    Why is the section so small, so hard to find, and so overpriced? It’s insanity.

  19. totally agree….they have great smaller fashions but try finding a bigger size forget it. Target, KMart and Big W have lost it when it comes to clothing over size 14. No style no colour no variety. If you ask the staff if they have the size you are after…usual response is no…what is one the rack is all they have. It goes back to allocation of goods per store. They put out catalogues on some great clothes, you go to the store, you cannot find it or your size, and end up buying something you don’t really need. No wonder online shopping is getting better results. Major stores have lost all customer focus around the enjoyment of the shopping experience.

  20. Target are so totally uninspiring in larger sizes. Dull, Drab, Shapeless, Frumpy boring pieces of cloth. Please Please Please find some super trendy Aussie Designers with our lovable curves utmost on their minds. I want to be dressed to impress always !! Target you are not getting it ever !

  21. This is bullcrap places like target simply supply the demand. Do u not think society is the problem. I’m going to bet my money target stock those ‘shapeless’ garments because they SELL them, not because they wish to shame bigger women. As for the sizing well that shit happens in every brand no matter what size you are they are all made differently by different companies, simply shaming target for stocking what the majority demand doesn’t help anyone. It’s not up to them to change how you feel about yourself it’s YOU.

    • They sell them because there is NO OTHER choice.
      Please Target, Big W , K Mart, no more nighties with bunnies/teddy bears/and cartoons.
      Us baby boomers are THE demographic nowadays and you have nothing for us. I shop online from London and New york now.

  22. they need to take note of the styles that City Chic are putting out as a guideline, if they can do similar style at a much lower cost, then they will see a massive positive change to their sales and reviews. I completely agree with all these posts their style for real plus size women are old fashion to say the least.

  23. I have avoided Target for years as the offerings were boring and overpriced. Even with Gok (who i think rocks) as an ambassador for all sizes, they could not win me back as their stuff is awful. So happy you are a voice for us all.

  24. It seems that I am with the majority of the people commenting here: I do not and have not shopped at Target for many years (well over 5 yrs now), due to the cost, and lack of variety in colour, sizes, and styles.
    I just wish they would remember it also rolls over into other areas, as I have actually not set foot in a Target store in all that time as well.

  25. Thanks for the shout out and your ongoing support for 17 and the boutique plus industry Janine. As you know, It’s always been appreciated, you were one of the first people to reach out to us when we started and have worked along side us for years. We love your energy and what you bring to the table xxxx

    I have a very different opinion of your post. To me the content and responding comments reveal more about the consumer psyche in the plus category than the lack of options provided by a major retailer.
    In defence of Target
    If the business was actually there then the range would be in store across the country. Unfortunately there is no sentimentality or emotional decision making involved in the offer presented by business structures like this, the buying and ranging is done on a spreadsheet.Target have some of the most experienced and qualified planners and analysts in the industry studying their customers buying habits and sell thru history full time. So they know exactly what sells, what makes money and who is buying it.They would have to sustain huge losses to risk attracting a new customer into store, with low retails and low AUD impacting on margins and with shareholders and extremely tight budgets to manage this isn’t a prudent option and to be frank why the should they? They aren’t a govt funded community service, they are a business trading in an extremely challenging environment. If a garment brand doesn’t work with zero dollars behind it. It won’t work with a 20k marketing budget behind it. We launched a line into a major retailer years ago, and within a month we realised the offer wasn’t right for the customer they HAD and quickly changed the range into something we didn’t necessarily like but we knew would sell to their existing customer, the customer who supports the business by actually buying product. 8 years on its still trading today. Dani’Minogue’s first shoot and “marketing” campaign for Target was a so low budget, it cost absolutely nothing. She grew that brand and increased the marketing budget by SELLING garments, hitting targets and making budget. I don’t know much about Belle curve, but I remember they launched it with one of the most well known, plus models in the country. They invested more into marketing than Dani did and gave the brand opportunity via bloggers and press coverage to do well. The brand still didn’t reach a decent enough sell thru to keep it in store for even 1 entire season, which says a lot about the figures it would have been hitting. If you think that Target are deliberately ignoring an opportunity to make money by ignoring plus consumers you are wrong. Plus is an extremely complex business model, the customers aren’t there on a mass scale to support it and the rrp ceiling is capped BY the consumer so the margin opportunity on small units makes it so much harder for businesses to make money. No you can’t go into Target and buy an upsized boho dress that’s on trend in a size 6-24 for 39.99 Because of the logistical nightmare and expense of providing this for a proven non existent return. Which is why NO brand does this and YES grading up from a size 6 to a 24 doesn’t work, even though some may think this is “ridiculous” why not go ask all the now defunct brands who did this, exactly why they aren’t in business anymore and why their cash registers weren’t over flowing. Target buyers, buying assistants, planners, merchandisers and designers spend 40 hrs a week FULL TIME, in many cases with a 4 year tertiary qualification in FASHION BUSINESS looking for ways to make plus work, they travel constantly for inspo and have access to the worlds best trend forecasting and analyst portals, so when it’s not there it’s not there for a reason, which isn’t emotional, or an attack on plus consumers it’s simply about money. Smaller brands are in an ideal position to capitalise on this as they have a much more flexible structure and can react quickly, run smaller volume and can have higher rrps that sustain margin requirements. The liquidation culture is alive and well with Big W, etc catering to the entry level rrps and doing it well. So Janine, within the brand map of plus lines in AU, a country with a tiny population and a vast array of plus options per capita, where do you see Target competing ? Why do you need to see Target doing a line that obv doesn’t work for their business and isn’t supported by customers when they do try ? why are you waking around Target Southland crying when you could be walking around MYER or Crossroads in Westfield that have a strong history of constantly trying to support the plus community and have had more wins in doing so over the years than Target have. Why not support the major retailers and the brands that are having successfully fitted a plus offer into their brand portfolio? these stores. have nurtured their plus dept, and supported the plus community more than any of the other major retailers and have something for everyone and massive sales every month. It’s not like Target have a unique handwriting that leaves a hole in the greater fashion offer. It’s just more of the same in a different carry bag. Why are plus consumers obsessed with brand bashing? It’s unique to plus and quite frankly when you work SO hard, battling everything that’s thrown at you to deliver something to the community only to be faced with constant negativity. It’s demoralising and often the people with the skill sets required to do plus well, will not touch the category because at the very least they want to leave work feeling good about themselves not frustrated by the ill informed bitch session from customers who they don’t support them when they try. If everyone was in Target buying Belle Curve it would still be available today. Why do you still see this conversation as relevant? The fashion landscape globally has changed so much yet these conversations and commentary around trend based plus size in major retailers hasn’t? There is so much positive change in the industry and many retailers are trying to deliver as best they can, but to me this post is noise that doesn’t add anything new to the conversation or help to shift the paradigm in anyway. Which is exactly what brands and consumers need to be doing if they want to move in step with a quickly changing industry. X

    • An extremely well written and considered piece of writing. I think we are all guilty of over simplifying things …. and if we’d just stop of a minute and really think about it … I am sure many would have the same response. The retailers want to provide us with what we want, that’s they job, and to think that there is some sort of machiavellian conspiracy playing out behind the scene to the plus size industry is surely naive.

      Anyway I appreciate what you had to say, I too, wanna jump on the bandwagon sometimes, but after reading your post next time I will think about the huge process that goes on behind the scenes to provide me, with my retail therapy …. not only Target but all retailers.

      Thank you Claire

  26. 1. While the styling for Lily loves is boho & cute, those pieces are skimpy in nature, shapeless & there are absolutely no natural fabrics in the range. That’s why it’s at the cheap end for Target ladies wear. Alot of those pieces now go to a size 16- they all go to at least a 14. As a plus, I wouldnt want shapeless kimonos, the low rise jeans and the skimpy tees.
    2. Where do you see that Life & Style goes to a size 26? I only see it to a size 20 in the stores.
    3. Have you seen Yours Sincerely? A more upmarket classy look. Most of those pieces now go to a 20.
    4. Agree that none of these 20s are Plus size 20s because that involves a whole additional process of cutting & grading. It makes no business sense for a BUDGET store to do plus in every label in its stable.
    5. So enter ex Moda, now Belle Curve.
    I dont know if you have photographed an “A” store but it looks like you snapped when they had the dark colours. Belle Curve is alot brighter now that the full range has dropped. Yes, there are some tents but you have to sift through the range & not expect every piece to be plus perfect.
    My requests to Target are:
    1. Lower necklines to show decolletage (not cleavage)
    2. Lower sleeves to hide upper arms (of not, there is always a cardi or jacket ladies)
    3. A lines under the armpits. Get rid if the straight up & down tops which sausage the body.

    My requests to women:
    Know your body shape. Know your best colours. If you continue to buy these clothes, they will continue to make them.

  27. My size ranges from a 16 through to a 22 & I thoroughly enjoy perusing Target, Kmart and the such. If they don’t have what I want or I don’t see something I like I’ll just come back next week and have another look.
    I live in a small town and we only have Target Country and Kmart so I buy a fair bit online. But I couldn’t fault their ranges. I just enjoy the fact that shoes now go up to an 11 and I get some throw away ones

  28. I too have trouble with Target plus size. Either too short after one wash or too wide and nothing other than present necklines on some of their nicer tops.
    Not everyone can wear them. My son is a larger man and has found the sizes are smaller for their size and far too short in the body. So he can’t even get cloths from Target now.

  29. Hi Janine,

    I also feel somewhat disillusioned when I visit Target Country, which is all we have in our town.

    I’d dearly love the plus size range to have a height differential, with the addition of ‘tall’. I would buy plenty of simple, well cut, black work pants from Target if only there were long enough in the leg. Being 6 foot and plus size is another problem!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Irene. Did you know that Hope & Harvest have great staples such as well cut work pants – they are also made in Australia and do cater to longer lengths. http://www.hopeandharvest.com – if you email or call H&H HQ they’ll ensure the length is perfect for your height. Bam! Love your shape! Jx

  30. I find the same thing. Target – all other department stores – I want as much choice as the other size ranges. And not every large woman is an older woman looking for florals! I want funky on-trend fashion choices at reasonable prices too!

  31. Not only the womens plus size range but the Men’s plus size range is appalling! Our new Target here in Cranbourne has a total of 3-4 racks of “big mens” clothes and only 4 pairs…not shelves actual PAIRS of jeans!! My hubby used to be able to buy his jeans here but their sizes appear to have “shrunk”…he used to be able to wear the biggest size of mens jeans but now even despite losing weight they no longer go any where near him!! Target needs to do a HUGE rethink on both their womens and mens plus sizes!!

  32. I couldn’t agree more. Target appear to have lost the plot. They recently offered 25% off clothing – but I walked away with nothing. Even discounted, I couldn’t possibly purchase any of the range from the NEW CRANBOURNE store. The range is small and far less appealing than the previous ‘Moda’ range which was always hit or miss – but I found some hits here and there. ‘Belle Curve’ has lost me as a customer and I feel very left out and uninspired. Shoved in the back of the store, I feel shunned. Shame #Target.

  33. Absolutely agree, I went in to Target yesterday and this blog pretty much articulates my exact experience. Walking through the aisles I thought, has it comes to this? Do I have to buy frumpy to to keep warm this winter? Also, what am I going to wear for my birthday next month and then I bumped into the most gorgeous skirt, the type of electric blue I like, pleated, I thought it was a miracle… and realised I had walked too far and had passed the belle curve section. No such luck. :/ I also thought the length of the casual jumpers too short to cover my figure. Personally I like tops to reach my thighs not hover around my waist.

  34. I went to Target Helensvale three weekends ago to buy bonds underwear. There were so many styles up to 16, I’m an 18. I literally could not find a single pair of size 18 bonds underwear.
    The other brands in size 18 only came in camel or white and were so high cut they would have interfered with my bra. (Not joking)
    It was apparent that I wasn’t the only one searching size 18 undies. There were 2 packs of 5 size 18s on special hanging on a rack but someone had opened the bulk buy pack and removed 1-2 pairs in each instance.

    The next available size up was a 24. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t buy plain, bonds undies at Target.

    I moved to the active wear to get some running shorts and the style at the moment is really tight really short but with built in bike pants under. Super cute but a size 16 was the largest I could find and it fit like a size 12.
    The style stopped at 16 and all 18 and up pants went to the knee or below at 3/4.

    Is it so hard to conceive of the fact that fit girls might wear clothes 16+?
    Look at Serena Williams! Nobody can dispute how healthy and fit she is!

    And from a sales perspective why aren’t retailers marketing to the MAJORITY? If stats are telling us we’re becoming a bigger bunch of humans surely it makes sense to make clothes to cater.

    Can’t wait to see how Target change their strategies here. If they were clever they would sell a bucket load of stuff.

  35. I am a ‘smaller’ plus size lady. Before the resizing I would comfortably fit into targets normal size 18, now I struggle to fit in the normal 20 and can gaurantee I haven’t put on weight, yhere is over 2 inches difference in the waist measurements pre and post!

    I would excitedly head to target thinking I can find a gorgeous tailored non moomoo outfits or a or two dress for work, like there used to be and instead I am confronted by shapeless unispired granny clothes in lack lustre fabrics. It does not need to be all bright colours. I can accessorise, but my shape is my shape. It appears target have forgotten plus size women also have different shapes. We don’t all look good in wide leg pants and turtle necks, in fact clothing that adds bulk actually makes most women look worse!

    I would love to be able to purchase the lovely tailored suits and dresses in Targets normal range, I’d love to be able to find summer clothing that doesnt consist of unflattering cargos or stretch capris that cut at the wrong length. Give me a pop of colour to brighten severe lines, give me flattering skirts that skim the lower belly rather than displaying every lump and bump it should be hidding. No more pencil skirts only! How about some ALine skirts, circle skirts, fabrics with minimal stret h when its fitted properly.

    Please stop forcing your plus sized women to hide in frumpy, give us the same gorgeous choices you have in the normal range. I can honestly say I’ve gone from using target as my go to for work attire and staple casuals (of which I update seasonally) to limiting my target visits to accompanying my mother in law, who is 30 years older than, yet can get nicer looking clothes from target than I can. I don’t bother going in anymore, not for any of my shopping, I just get dishearted and frustrated, now I just go to a different store for all my household gooda and clothing shopping, why support a company that makes me feel bad about myself?

    I love to shop and have money to spend, but the lack of understanding of what a plus sized woman looks good in, disappointing style choices and change to your sizing limits mean I no longer go to target. That is my choice as a consumer, and a decision I share whenever I’m out and about. Even my skinny feiends have noticed the sizing change, youve sized out your most common shopping sized women (14-16) by overstocking the low end, and narrowing the fit and over catering to the non income earning teens.i guess that’s targets choice.

  36. I have been a size 8-10 for years but after my third child in so many years my body is not what it used to be. I’m now a size 14 top 16 pants. I’m 32 and target used to be my favorite shop. Now I feel like dog shit everytime I go there. The few things I have bought are cut for a size 8-10. And I just look tummy frumpy in the clothes because the styles are for slimmer girls with waists. I am so depressed about this because I’m 32 dressing like a 50 year old. I buyy kids stuff there but not for myself anymore. That’s what it feels like after looking for clothes in target. Thanks very much.

  37. How great to have a place to comment I live in the country in SA and we have very little choice of plus size fashion so Target please take note and bring us some bright and pretty ladies FASHION Not just frumpy clothing – us bigger ladies love colour too !!

  38. I used to go to Target once a week to check out any new arrivals etc but for the past few years I have found nothing apart from leggings and they even stuffed them up…the fabric became thinner and the cut was skimpier…I now buy them elsewhere. Don’t get me started on the sleep wear… I may be a grandma but I would like to be able to fit into some trendy P.J’s and a snuggly robe…but NO…Obviously larger ladies don’t feel the cold as I found nothing to fit me!
    Plus size ladies spend money too Target and you are missing out BIG TIME!

  39. Why are all the over size 20 clothes ugly. Us women what pretty clothes like the smaller sizes as well. We are all women and we all want to look and feel good about ourselves. Why would we want to wear ugly coloured art smocks. Yoy are the same as kmart and everyone else , nothing appealing. I wish someone would work and design for you for us bigger women and find out what people want.

  40. The ladies comments are so appreciated. You’ve all just confirmed what I thought it seemed like in a recent quick check through the store. So glad to add Target to my elimination list to not waste ever any extra time in a futile excercise. As in negligable clothes in my size or utterly hideous sacks of ugly mishapen awful quality materials as colours, patterns etc.. agree that these main department stores have ended up with garments that have significantly shrunk in what the label size claims. Ironicaly if one has eternal time and patience sometimes one may stumble on a style in the maximal end of regular sizes that happens to be wearable, despite being around a supposed current 20 -24 depending in brands. What I can’t get over is that these days I see lots of women who are clearly very plus size and like me are in base casual clothes, from the past year or longer, a few items 6mths back even that would have been more abundant sized often around an 18 if stretchier or A-line shapes. Even these at home, extra casual items are getting scarcer with work or going out items virtually non existant or unacceptable asthetically. Target is stupid for cancelling out a good chunk of female shoppers as unlike K-mart, even Woolworths, it’s not the place you go to buy other general items. Though once in there the other items one came across that could be useful at a fair price would be noticed and bought. I guess it will follow in the footsteps of Myers in it’s fate.

  41. Now in 2017 I came across the same and complained via email to head office. My emails were replied to and forwarded to their new buyer (6th in two years she tells me)who phoned me and asked many questions. I am a shape stylist and have been very disappointed in what women have to choose from across the board for plus size. It isn’t just about making something a smaller size bigger… a stick can be dressed in a sack and still look . .. it’s about designing garments that flatter. Fabrics, cuts, fit and colour. Straight hems on shirts out.. shirt tail hems with side splits in. Skinny jeans out… sorry ladies but unless your legs are trim they wont flatter your drumsticks. Shiny fabric out. HORIZONTAL stripes and trims/details out. I could go on but won’t. I started to design my own range and sell garments I get from the UK. Yes big women shoukd be able to wear anything they want but if their desire is to look smaller and current then every plus size designer out there neefs to get their sh*t together. They have been talking about it for 25 years now… time to stop talking. Oh and btw the buyer has to buy 9 months in advance of the range hitting the shelves. Trends are usually a season in advance of ranges here in Australia from overseas ( rare is the day Australia starts a trend) so you can forgive them for not being exactly on trend)

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