SURVEY: Customer Service needs of the Curvy customer…

As a curvy customer, I know  when shopping for myself that my priority is finding well designed, accurately fitting garments.  However, a crucial consideration in my buying habits is customer service, and this applies to all items and services I shop for. Customer service is paramount to any transaction, way past the point of throwing out that dress I bought 10 years ago, the experience I had when purchasing that dress stays with me.  So if it was an uncomfortable experience, it’s likely that I would take this into consideration when choosing where to shop next time.  What about you?
CustomerServiceI’m curious about your feelings on customer service, what’s important to you.  In my work as an agent for Australian plus-size designers, I work with retailers on a daily basis assisting them on sourcing appropriate product for their stores. In my consulting work within the Industry, I know that retailers, both plus-size specific and general retailers who offer plus-size options, are working on ways to engage the curvy customer and ensure they are comfortable with the level of customer service.
The survey I have compiled asks specifically about IN-STORE shopping in two scenarios, 1. in a plus-size specific store, and 2. in a general retail store that has a plus-size offering/department.  Please read through the questions carefully as there may be a difference in your answer depending on which store you are in.
So it’s over to you… here’s your chance to have your say, and to help shape the future of customer service for YOU.
This is for YOU, you are the customer, you know what you want and need. YOUR voice needs to be heard, so by taking the time to complete this survey, you can be assured that your opinions will be expressed and put forward. The information provided by you will not be sold or released me, Janine Mison, to any 3rd party and will be reported anonymously.
Thank you for your participation.
Love your shape!
Janine x

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