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In a recent post about my personal frustration that a lot of health professionals  refer to the outdated BMI, and my concern that this mentality and practice could potentially put patients in life-threatening situations by dissuading them from seeking health care, I received a lot of feedback, so many stories from so many women who have experienced similar (and worse!) than me.


Health At Every Size

Health, not numbers

I was so thrilled this week to receive word that a group of savvy health professionals have launched an initiative that involves an “Advisory Committee” made up of HAES professionals located from around Australia that have been using HAES and the Non-Diet approach for a number of years both personally and professionally. They represent a diverse array of body shapes, sizes and experiences.  They are a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers who have recognised the need for a portal to resources for women like me who wish to be treated from a non-diet approach.

Health At Every Size (HAES) is a weight-neutral approach to health. HAES practitioners advocate that a focus on health behaviours, rather than a focus on reducing body size, is the most useful way to support people of all sizes to take care of their health.

HAES recognises that weight loss dieting is an ineffective and harmful intervention, as evidenced in over 50 years of research. As research into HAES continues, the non-diet approach has rapidly gained support from Scientists, Academics and Health Practitioners around the world as an effective alternative to weight loss.


Congratulations to my friend Sarah Harry and her colleague Fiona Sutherland over at Body Positive Australia who are not only doing amazing things within their business, but are members of the Advisory Committee of HAES Australia.  If you’re not following Body Positive Australia already, I urge you to do so, they are inspirational and offer some incredible retreats and services too not to mention Sarah’s incredible yoga classes 🙂

If that wasn’t fantastic enough, the other key reason for popping over to check-out the HAES Australia website and follow them on Facebook – is that there is a list of HAES Specialists – GPs, Psychologists, Counsellors, Dieticians, Physiologists – you name it, there’s one for you on that list – and all of these registered practitioners follow the non-diet, Health at Every Size approach.  Hooray!  Please note that this section is a work in-progress – if you have a trusted practitioner who works from a body positive perspective, please encourage them to register on the website.

Please share this information with all the curvy women you know that would benefit from this list. It’s so important that we look after our health, and NEVER let the mis-informed attitude of health professionals that don’t understand the HAES approach impact our commitment to caring for ourselves.

Love your shape!

Janine x


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