Top 6 Tips for curvy brides to be…


There is no need to struggle to achieve your best on your special day, the key is a great attitude and to know what looks great on you:

TOP 6 TIPS for plus-size brides to be:

1. Know your body shape and what looks good on YOU

  • Avoid princess gowns or big full gowns that add bulk to your figure
  • Ensure that the length of your gown is correct for your height and shape

HINT: Don’t be scared to wear a fitted gown – this will show off your curves and give you shape rather than cover it up, which often results in an unflattering look

2. Find a bridal specialist who UNDERSTANDS your figure and caters to your body shape

 3. Don’t be scared to show your arms, there are lots of choices of how to flatter bigger arms, a bridal specialist will understand how to do this

HINT: A thicker strap will balance a bigger chest and arm, a lovely bolero will cover problem arms but accentuate a beautiful waist whist still doing justice to a beautiful gown.

4. Ensure the foundations are correct – A well fitted bra and underwear is ESSENTIAL to all outfits.  Once you have chosen your dream gown, speak to the designer or retailer about the best foundations to invest in for your best look.

 5. Colour choice is crucial.  Not everyone can wear white.  Ensure that you really consider whether white, off white, cream, red or any other colour is your best colour.  A bad choice can instantly drain your complexion, a good choice can lift you and ensure you glow!

 6. A healthy lifestyle and positive body image is also essential 

  • Drink plenty of water, and look after your skin
  • MOVE, walk or do a form of exercise that keeps the blood flowing and releases “Happy Hormones”.  Just 15 minutes a day can make all the difference
  • If you’re feeling low on confidence, consult someone who can help.  Just a simple image consultation can help boost the esteem and set you on the right path to embracing your body and making the most of who you are today!

The same tips apply to your wardrobe in general.  A marriage is the beginning of a new life, a new opportunity to embrace your curves and ensure you’re on the right track for a happy & positive body image future.

Revamp your wardrobe and shop in your own wardrobe. Ensure that you are wearing 100% of your clothes and they are flattering your curves.

A one-on-one image consultation can do wonders with your body image and streamline your look.

Shop with someone who KNOWS where to find garments designed for your curves.

For more information and to book a consultation to keep you on the right track for your big day, please contact me.  I have been working as an independent plus-size Image Consultant and specialist for over eight years. Let me take the stress out of looking amazing on your big day.  Ph: 0405-319-691 or email

Image Details: Image by Tales of Tingewick,  photo features Dan Campo, Blush Photography’s Hottest Hunk Finalist 2010 and models Katie & Alithea.  Gowns are from Plus Size Perfection Bridal (left) and Glamour Plus (right).
My wedding, 14th September, 2013. Dress made by Hope & Harvest.
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Love your shape!
Janine x

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