One year on… The Plus Side of Quitting

Ever noticed how life just whizzes by sometimes. Since going live with my new website on the 19th April, I’ve been inundated with well wishers, shop & style bookings and so much more. My wholesale Fashion Agent work has been busy with the release of the new season 17 Sundays samples and I’ve been on the road enjoying visiting stores around Victoria.

Today I realised that yesterday was a very special day. It is ONE YEAR since I quit smoking!

Now I’ve never called myself a quitter before, but I’m proud to say I AM A QUITTER and I’ve stayed a quitter for 365 days straight – cold turkey! What a challenge. This past year included my beautiful dad passing away suddenly in June 2011, to say I’m still shocked is an understatement. Then about three weeks later I became very ill and have been battling a health condition ever since. Not exactly the easiest time in my life to decide to give up a 22 year old habit!

I DID, and I did it successfully. I invite you to re-visit that time in my life by reading my blog The Plus Side of Quitting, written daily at the time for the first 16 days of my journey.

Today is day 366 of being a non-smoker, I’ve NOT smoked 10,950 cigarettes and I haven’t spent $4,368 during that time! AND I feel better for it. Now that’s alot of pluses!

I’m sharing this with you all as part of my committment to remain accountable to myself for my personal and emotional wellbeing.

My advice to anyone out there considering quitting smoking, do it when YOU are ready. I agree with the philosophy that the QUIT campaign tout, don’t give up trying to give up. This is about the fourth attempt I made to quit, the other times failed, but this one worked. No rhyme or reason, I was just more ready this time. NEVER give up trying to give up.

I’m off to revamp my wardrobe ready for the new season.  Stay tuned for some fashion posts coming your way soon. In the meantime, if you have a question on anything curvy/plus-size – email me or post a comment by clicking on the speach bubble on the top right of this post and I’ll make a point of including the answers in my upcoming posts.  I’m loving this new space and it’s just the beginning…

Love your shape!

Janine x

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