Are you “bumper sized?”

Sitting drinking my morning coffee, I opened today’s Herald Sun to page four and my eye skipped to the gorgeous model with the yummy fur around her neck.

Mmmm, “Bigger keeps getting better and better”  I ponder what that might be and then I begin to read the article which starts with “Bumper sized Victorians are ruling the retail roost…”

BUMPER SIZED??????????? Now that’s one I haven’t been called before – how about you?

The article goes on to talk about how some retail outlets are reporting a 70% increase in their plus-size fashion business since 2010. Duuuurrrrrrr!

And prices for plus-size garments have plunged…. (Should I be grateful to now be paying almost what the mainstream sized women are paying for their garments?)

It then goes on to quote representatives from KMart, Big W and Target who are reporting a spike in “demand for fashionable plus-sizing.” Yep!

The good news is that Target are planning to expand their core range to size 20 instead of 18 – well that’s welcome. But for those of us who often fall outside the “standard” size cuts – this makes no difference.

The bit that got me the most apart from the “Bumper sized” beginning was the last quote from Ladieswear Manager Amanda McCabe Phillips who stated “Customers wanted to be fashionable”.

No kidding captain obvious!

We also want quality AND we want fashion that fits our curves and is on-trend. Why is it news that plus-size women want to be fashionable and are demanding fashion?

Ten points for trying guys, but seriously, there’s a long way to go.  Baby steps is good, but let’s step it up a bit, not just with the quality and fit of the garments but with the attitude too.

Personally, I’d rather spend my money on brands that are actually doing something positive, are creating garments with quality fabrics, designed for my curves and representing them on realistic figures. Labels such as 17 Sundays, Hope&Harvest, TS14+ and virtu, just to name a few.

Love your shape!

Janine x

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