Plus HQ – now that’s what I’m talking about!

One of the many things I LOVE about my “job” is the passionate people I meet on a daily basis. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda, a gorgeous lady with a dream.  Today marks the launch of her dream, an amazing online plus-size store – a pandora’s box of beautiful clothes & accessories – exclusively for women with curves size 16-26.

I sat down with Amanda for a chat with the aim to share this with you, we don’t often hear the stories behind the ideas… here goes…


Q:   Amanda, who is behind Plus HQ?

A:    Plus HQ has been a dream of mine for many years.  I decided to launch this business with the assistance of my gorgeous Mum and the support of my beautiful family.

Q:   What was the event that sparked your dream to launch Plus HQ?

A:    I was working in a family business that was recently sold.  The sale of the business prompted me to do something for myself.  I decided that there was no better time like the present to follow my dreams.  I wanted to make a difference for others and for myself. Thus, Plus HQ was born.

Q:   What has been the greatest challenge to get Plus HQ up & running?

A:    I knew this was not going to be easy as I have always found it difficult to find good quality clothes.  This hasn’t changed now that I am buying for others.  There is a huge lack of plus size designers, not only in Australia but around the world.  It certainly has been a challenge to find a good range of stylish fashion at an affordable price.

Q:   What can we expect from Plus HQ?

A:    Plus HQ will stock a range of clothing from basics to designer wear.  We will also have a large range of costume jewellery, accessories and handbags to complete your look.  You can expect an ever changing range from season to season, from a basic tee, to a cocktail dress for that special evening out. The goal of Plus HQ is to offer an experience that is a destination store, a one-stop place to purchase clothes made for your curves.

Q:   How are you different from other Plus size online retailers?

A:    Plus HQ is passionate about being able to help women achieve a look that makes them look and feel beautiful.  An online store that is solutions based, and aimed at satisfying a fashionista with curves. I know myself that by choosing clothing that suits your body shape, I seem to walk around with my head held a little higher and feeling confident.  I want to be able to share this with others and I will do this by stocking clothing to make you feel this way.  I won’t just stock an item because it is a large size.  It must be the right style.

Q:   What’s the best perk of the job? Is it wearing the clothes?

A:    I am a shopper.  I love shopping! So to being able to choose my range is pretty cool.  I am having to refrain from keeping one of everything, however, in saying that my wardrobe is growing at a rapid pace.  Definitely a perk!!!

Q:   What’s the most exciting part of this project so far?

A:    My Mum and I took a trip over to LA to check out the fashions.  It was the first time over there for both of us so that was a great experience.  I learnt a lot and came home with lots of ideas.  I also found it very exciting when I discovered the 17 Sundays label.  I fell in love with their whole range, as it is exactly the style I love and the fact that they are Australian made it all the more enticing for me.

Q:   What prompted you to use yourself as the model for the website?

A:    Nothing bothers me more than seeing plus size clothing modelled on regular sized women.  I am 5’6 and a size 18 and I really wanted for women to be able to see the garments on a plus size person.  I am not a model, just an everyday woman with plenty of curves.  It was important to me that customers know that they are dealing with someone who understands their needs.

Q:   How would you describe your own personal curvy style?

A:    I wouldn’t say I have a particular style.  I love to wear anything that makes me feel good.  I tend to lean toward dark colours and I love layering as it keeps your body in proportion.  I also love to accessorise with jewellery, scarves, shoes, boots or anything else that will top my outfit off.  I tend to spend more money on key pieces for my wardrobe, and then change the look with accessories.

To celebrate the launch of Plus HQ, if you type in the coupon code “LOVEYOURSHAPE” you will receive a 20% discount on all purchases (this offer is valid until Sunday 15th July, 2012).

Amanda’s Top 5 Wardrobe must haves:

  • A pair of good fitting comfortable jeans
  • A black dress – A great all-rounder for layering or on its own for day or night
  • A good fitting bra to give you lift
  • A leather Jacket – dress it up or down, day or night
  • Knee high boots!!!  I love these and wear them all through winter

Amanda, congratulations on your new store, I look forward to watching you go from strength to strength.

Love your shape!

Janine x



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