I’m not suffering, be gone hang-ups!

It’s 40 degrees and windy here in Melbourne today, I’m sweltering.

Just an observation and a reflection, years ago I used to be so hung up on my “yucky arms” that I would do everything I could to cover them up in the warmer months – avoiding sleveless tops and dresses. In my late 20’s & 30’s as I grew more accepting of my curvy figure I have embraced sleeveless garments in the warmer months, and especially on days like today!

I just saw a lovely curvy woman in a gorgeous dress but covered up with a long sleeve knit – she was sweltering – and I know it’s presumptious of me, but I’m guessing she was allowing her hang up about her arms outweigh the freedom to wear a gorgeous dress with her arms showing on a sweltering day!  I wanted to run up to her and hug her and encourage her to embrace her arms and free herself! Got me to thinking about all the years I suffered because of my own crazy hang-up. So proud of myself.

My other hang up was my pale pale skin, I was always hearing people talking about how tanned looks “thinner & better” – and so I was hesitant for that reason also to show my white skin. It’s a basic fact, my skin doesn’t tan, and I don’t want to suffer the consequences of trying to tan my skin, I know too many people who have paid a high price with skin cancers. Slip, Slop, Slap! You will see me walking proudly with my pale skin and sleeveless tops this summer, and every summer – happy happy in my own skin. I encourage you all to do the same.

I’m not suffering – my hang ups are gone!

Love your shape!

Janine x

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