I’ve always been interested in fashion. I love to look at magazines and catwalk footage and see “what’s in fashion” this season, BUT, I also know that for me the best practise is to identify my VERY OWN personal signature look(s) and apply it to me. Adapt inspiration from the catwalks of Paris, New York and anywhere else I might see inspiration, but apply it to me in my very own unique way.

“I wish I had have met you years ago, my approach to how I dress and see my body would have been a lot different”.

Deborah, Daylesford, Vic

I LOVE working with women who need another set of eyes -sometimes it’s as simple as having someone else say “hey, try this on”, or “if you just tie it here, it will look amazing on you”… remember others see us differently to how we see ourselves. You know how you’re really good at solving others dramas, and not so good at your own, well same applies here!

I can delve into your wardrobe and help put some order into it Рimagine if you just opened your wardrobe door and KNEW what to wear Рbliss!  (It IS possible), or I can tailor a shop & style package just for you!

I’m reasonably priced and lots of fun… and I have LOTS of experience…

P: (03) 9014-7306 or email

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