“I came to you with an open mind and a huge amount of excitement and I wasn’t disappointed! You put so much thought into every place we visited, it was like you could read my mind. My purchases were such bargains, and having you choose pieces I would NEVER have looked at and seeing them suit me so well was both a surprise and a pleasure. My advice to anyone that is considering doing a one-on-one styling day with you is DO IT! You don’t have to be rich to look good and feel great, I’m certainly not. I saved at least 5 times the cost of your services with my purchases today, AND I HAD A FANTASTIC TIME. I will certainly be back when I’m in Melbourne next.  You have such a beautiful outlook Janine and I love your philosophy that we should look and feel vibrant and beautiful, just as we this this precise moment. Thank you.”

Darlene, Gulgong, NSW.

“Such a fun day Janine and so great to have met you. You are so real and open and your energy was calm, cool and collected. Really made the experience of today really special. Thank you!”

Jess U, Brisbane

“Hi Janine, Just wanted to drop you a line and say a big ‘thank you’, after our Skype styling session which I know wasn’t made easy with our internet connection! Your advice has been so valuable I have cleaned out the wardrobe, gotten rid of all my wrong clothes, and have added color and style to it now.  My teenage children didn’t recognize me when I saw them recently after not seeing them for a few months, they were taken back with the ‘trendy ‘new me ( their words not mine). As you know when I got your help I was off to a couple of high end events, using your advice I found the perfect outfits for both occasions and for the first time in my life I looked good and was complimented by many people. My boyfriend of 8 years is blown away with the new me his head is spinning. I now know what to buy and know I’m not throwing away dead money on wrong styles and color. You have given me the confidence to hold my head high and embrace my shape – to use your words, Love my shape! Any women who is struggling should use your service, you are a inspiration to us all and such a fountain of style and knowledge. I also wish to say thank you for the help with my wedding dress its not something I would have considered before speaking to you but on your advice I now own the dresses of my dreams! (I’ll send pics later) PS: I don’t mind if you want to forward this on or put anyone in contact with me that is not sure about using your service, even though they would be mad not to, I’m happy to sing your praises. Loving my size 26/28 shape”.

Bron Barlin, Sydney, NSW.

“I wish I had have met you years ago, my approach to how I dress and see my body would have been a lot different”.

Deborah Fryers, Manager & Publicist for Shane Jacobson,  Daylesford, Vic

 “You’re an inspiration truly. What you do for women who have image issues, u make the image no issue…”

Jo Jerram, Melbourne, Vic, via facebook.

“I am a young mum to 3 little girls under the age of 5 and my whole world revolves around them. My body had changed dramatically since becoming a mum and my fashion choices were centred on what was comfortable, mostly jeans with a top. Half of my clothes I had donated because they didn’t fit me anymore, and when I would go shopping I would always come home empty-handed and depressed because nothing would fit right.

My experience with Janine was wonderful. She was warm and funny and I was instantly at ease. We went through my wardrobe and I was amazed at how quickly her eye put outfits together. We had fun dressing up and putting together variations of basic outfits. Janine showed me some wonderful ways of accessorising the clothes that I had and I even learnt how to wear a belt! My mummy wardrobe and my confidence was transformed and rejuvenated without spending a cent! I’ve rediscovered clothes that I’d worn only once and now I know how to make the most of what I have. Janine helped me take pride in myself again and the results have been instantly noticed by my girls (“Mummy, you look so pretty!” and my very happy husband! 🙂 Thank you Janine! It was a fabulous and rewarding experience!” 

Jessica Zografos, Blogger and mum, St Kilda, Vic


“Hats off to Janine for her professionalism, enthusiasm and understanding of ‘fit issues’ for plus sized women. Her passion and expertise ensured the recent fashion night was a huge success. We would certainly have no hesitation in joining forces again with her for future events. ”

Yvonne Fawcett – Proprietor Zeve Clothing, Warragul, Vic

“Janine is without a doubt the most professional, knowledgeable and motivating women I have ever seen. She makes anyone in her presence feel so comfortable and the knowledge she has for her craft is incredible. As a speaker she is everything you want and more, Janine is easy to understand, engaging and extremely passionate. I cannot sing her praise enough as she will touch the heart of anyone.”

Renee Mayne, Director, The Bra Queen.

“I have struggled in recent years after a serious bout of depression and taking medication which has made me put on over 30kgs. One of the things I have found that has helped is to learn to love who I am now rather than mourn who I used to be. I found Janine online while doing searches for plus size clothing.

 One of the main things I have found is I have a love of clothing and have found some wonderful sites online esp overseas that cater for a larger, curvier woman. The problem I had is really working out what worked for me and what did not. I  have a job (Category Marketing Manager with IGA) where I need to interact with a range of people be it Suppliers, Retailers State Board Executive etc on a daily basis which calls for a professional wardrobe, plus after hours and a more casual wardrobe but I had trouble pulling the different looks together. no one wants to be over or underdressed in the wrong setting.

That is where Janine came in, On a lovely saturday afternoon she helped me understand my shape and helped me edit my wardrobe and gave me confidence in the choices I was making. It was fun afternoon! Some items just needed a bit of tailoring to work for me.

One of the main things I discovered is to not “dress to hide” But rather to accentuate the good points. I wish I knew this when I was 30kgs lighter! I also got a bit more grounded in what colours work for me versus what just washes me out. I had the confidence to get rid of a great deal of my wardrobe and focus on the items that really work for me.

I get a lot of compliments on the way I dress and on the colours I wear and I can honestly say that Janine helped me with that. I honestly think in a lot of ways I am more confident now than I was when I was a lot lighter!

Janine is a great ambassador for the curvier woman and is very knowledable about where to find the best buys, tailors etc. I heartily recommend her work.”

Sara Mitchell, Category Marketing Manager, Point Cook, Vic.


“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful personal shop! It was great having some positive help whilst trying to look and feel fabulous. I also discovered that 2 hours was not enough, next time it will be longer. The next day I wore a top that we had purchased and a complete stranger asked me where I got it from, I have NEVER experienced this before and it made me feel GORGEOUS! My girlfriends and family have commented on my new outfits and are jealous that you don’t do shopping trips for them. I had a great afternoon and I am looking forward to doing it again.”

Thanks, Fiona Morgan, Payroll Officer, Doncaster, Vic

 “Hi Janine, I just wanted to let you know that the wedding went off extremely well and everyone loved my dress!  I received lots of great comments about it. I felt so good in it and it was great not needing to fiddle, rearrange or worry about my outfit during the exciting and busy day & night.  I have and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you!”

Bronwyn Glitheroe, Retired, Adelaide, SA


“Thank-you so much for a wonderful time in your most pleasant company. From the time that you picked me up and whizzed me off to places I had never even heard of ! We chatted like old friends over morning tea before tackling the first pre agreed item on the list: the dreaded bra fitting! We all know that you have to really be in the mood to be wrestling those babies on and off but Janine took me to a lovely shop with equally lovely ladies who made the whole process seamless (like the new beaut bra I brought – what an uplifting experience that was J!)

In & out of Janine’s little car – whizzing here & there to some of the most fantastic little shops with clothes to die for – the likes of which I am not exposed to locally. We managed time for a quick lunch break & off we went again – I’m sure Janine was most impressed with the speed at which I managed to throw clothes on and off – I was going to make the most of this shopping experience.

Janine was honest when asked her opinion of style /colour and happily grabbed goodies off the racks that she thought I may like to try on and there was no pressure to make a purchase.

The 4 hours passed so quickly, Janine was an absolute treasure & I arrived home 2 hours later (after falling asleep on the train) with my ‘finds’ happy, exhausted and above all honoured to have met Janine.”

Lisa Schorback, Aged care & disability services, Drysdale, Vic

I recently had the experience of going wedding dress shopping with Janine. As a size 24-26 I have previously found the experience very daunting and a bit of a knock to my ego!  From the first moment I met Janine her positivity & enthusiasm engulfs you & I felt completely at ease. I felt like i was going shopping with a friend! Wedding dress shopping requires a fair bit of standing around in your underwear – something that I’m not particularly fond of doing in front of strangers but I truly can say Janine just makes you feel comfortable. I was extremely lucky to find my dress that day & with Janine’s expertise I learnt a lot more about what will & wont suit my figure & how to make my body look taller, tips that i can also use wearing everyday clothes.

I would recommend Janine’s services to absolutely everyone!! You get the point of view from someone who knows how you feel on an emotional level and then the keen styling eye. With so many of us Big Beautiful Women around its wonderful to see a service finally acknowledging that we don’t have to look like blobs in flowery tents but we can look stylish, modern & most importantly Beautiful! Thanks Janine!”

Emily Warner, Moonee Ponds,Vic

“Today, I loved working with Janine in my Wardrobe. She is down-to-earth and compassionate. She understands that we all have issues with some part of our body no matter what our size. It is her quick ability to see who you really are and how you can “brand” yourself in the world that propels you into taking action. My time spent with her was well worth the investment, and it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes and I’m yet to buy some of her staple suggestions. I would recommend her service to any woman no matter what her size. She instantly makes you feel good about yourself and confident to step into the world well dressed, in your unique style.”

Penelope Timoney, Artist, Geelong Vic