The Anti-chaffing Solution has arrived!

Back in February I wrote about tips on how to prevent the dreaded chaffing. In my work with curvy women the question of how to prevent chafing comes up every spring/summer.  I’ve seen women in tears unable to walk for days due to the chaffing issue, it’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and downright not fair! Many women forego wearing skirts or dresses in Summer out of fear of this condition.

Suffer no more, the solution is at hand, and it’s the mother of all solutions! 

Back in February when I researched this issue, there were three solutions available on the market, Leggings/Bike Shorts, Powders & Creams or Bandelettes. Out of all these options, the Bandelettes were the most feasible as they didn’t compound the issue by adding extra bulk or heat to the area or in the case of powders & creams create other issues- and the bonus is they look gorgeous! I still highly recommend these as a great option.


Sonsee Woman have utilised their incredible seamless technology to create THE perfect anti-chaffing short.  As you can see from the illustration above, they have thought of everything! I’ve been lucky enough to road test the shorts and they are simply luxury on my skin. These should NOT be confused with bike shorts or leggings – unlike bike shorts or leggings these purpose designed anti-chaffing shorts are lightweight and BREATHABLE that fit your curves like a glove without that feeling of restriction. They DO NOT add heat/warmth and are moisture wicking which keeps you cool and dry.


It’s hard to tell from the campaign pic above the texture of the fabric, this smaller image on the left shows in more detail. I cannot stress enough how beautifully comfortable these are. They come in two lengths which gives you flexibility to wear shorter or longer leg length depending on your outfit or personal need.

These shorts are a game-changer, no longer do you need to sweat it out wearing an uncomfortable layer of lycra or sub-standard sweaty fabric to prevent chaffing, or worse still avoid wearing beautiful summer dresses and skirts because of the fear of chaffing.

Shorts available in size 14-28 and come in Black or Nude.


Embrace Summer and all that it brings.

Love your shape!

Janine x


Good-bye Chafing…

No. 1 RULE: To prevent chafing, you have to prevent moisture/sweating

Here’s some tips for you on how to prevent the dreaded chafing:

Leggings/Bike Shorts

A lot of women swear by wearing leggings or bike shorts under their dresses or skirts during summer. I personally find this too hot, too many layers. But, it does work as the fabric provides a barrier between your thighs that does prevent chafing – if you can stand feeling overheated. It also adds another layer and can create unwanted lines. For some women, a positive of wearing leggings or bike shorts is that it  adds a level of shaping assistance – holding curves in place. With some clothing styles, for example a tunic, leggings looks great and give you the added advantage of protecting your thighs.

Powders & Creams

A great, simple solution is to use a cream or powder to prevent the chafing. 3B Cream is a must have, I usually apply my moisturiser and then if I know it’s going to be a scorcher I add some 3B cream to my inner thighs – prevention is better than the cure! In fact, I find that a lot of body creams or mositurisers can be used in the same way. There are also a range of powders, like this one from Curash that you apply in the same way. Both these creams and powders can be used under your breasts to prevent sweating and chafing (especially if you’re wearing an underwire bra – arhggh).


These babies are AWESOME. Think, sexy lingerie, think good-bye chafing!  I found these during a google search some years ago for a customer and have heard nothing but good things. Recently Julia at Bandelettes sent me a pair to try for myself and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. It feels so special to slide the lacy bandelette up your thigh, position it just where you need the protecting and off you go. All day I felt like I was wearing some gorgeous lingerie, instead of a chafing preventer! How luxe is that.



The Bandelettes come in Black, beige, red and chocolate, and come in 6 different sizes to from 21″ – 32″ sized thigh and are anti-slip, in fact they fit perfectly and feel so comfortable.

What works for you?

Love your shape!

Janine x