Top 6 Tips for curvy brides to be…


There is no need to struggle to achieve your best on your special day, the key is a great attitude and to know what looks great on you:

TOP 6 TIPS for plus-size brides to be:

1. Know your body shape and what looks good on YOU

  • Avoid princess gowns or big full gowns that add bulk to your figure
  • Ensure that the length of your gown is correct for your height and shape

HINT: Don’t be scared to wear a fitted gown – this will show off your curves and give you shape rather than cover it up, which often results in an unflattering look

2. Find a bridal specialist who UNDERSTANDS your figure and caters to your body shape

 3. Don’t be scared to show your arms, there are lots of choices of how to flatter bigger arms, a bridal specialist will understand how to do this

HINT: A thicker strap will balance a bigger chest and arm, a lovely bolero will cover problem arms but accentuate a beautiful waist whist still doing justice to a beautiful gown.

4. Ensure the foundations are correct – A well fitted bra and underwear is ESSENTIAL to all outfits.  Once you have chosen your dream gown, speak to the designer or retailer about the best foundations to invest in for your best look.

 5. Colour choice is crucial.  Not everyone can wear white.  Ensure that you really consider whether white, off white, cream, red or any other colour is your best colour.  A bad choice can instantly drain your complexion, a good choice can lift you and ensure you glow!

 6. A healthy lifestyle and positive body image is also essential 

  • Drink plenty of water, and look after your skin
  • MOVE, walk or do a form of exercise that keeps the blood flowing and releases “Happy Hormones”.  Just 15 minutes a day can make all the difference
  • If you’re feeling low on confidence, consult someone who can help.  Just a simple image consultation can help boost the esteem and set you on the right path to embracing your body and making the most of who you are today!

The same tips apply to your wardrobe in general.  A marriage is the beginning of a new life, a new opportunity to embrace your curves and ensure you’re on the right track for a happy & positive body image future.

Revamp your wardrobe and shop in your own wardrobe. Ensure that you are wearing 100% of your clothes and they are flattering your curves.

A one-on-one image consultation can do wonders with your body image and streamline your look.

Shop with someone who KNOWS where to find garments designed for your curves.

For more information and to book a consultation to keep you on the right track for your big day, please contact me.  I have been working as an independent plus-size Image Consultant and specialist for over eight years. Let me take the stress out of looking amazing on your big day.  Ph: 0405-319-691 or email

Image Details: Image by Tales of Tingewick,  photo features Dan Campo, Blush Photography’s Hottest Hunk Finalist 2010 and models Katie & Alithea.  Gowns are from Plus Size Perfection Bridal (left) and Glamour Plus (right).
My wedding, 14th September, 2013. Dress made by Hope & Harvest.
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Love your shape!
Janine x

Melbourne Bridal designers on the look-out for plus-sized models for their designs…

Three years ago I started Curvy Revolution, a Melbourne based agency representing women size 16+ of Australia. This idea was borne from mine and others frustration that plus-size clothing was being represented only on size 14 models, making it difficult & frustrating for those of us size 16+ to identify with!

I seize every opportunity I get to push the boundaries with plus-size garment manufacturers, designers and retailers as well as all forms of media to realistically and identifiably represent curvy clothing on different size models. Some will argue that size 14 models are true representation, but I disagree. I maintain that a more realistic and successful way to market plus-size garments is to market them on the figures they were designed for!

There’s absolutely no way a woman who is a size 10 is going to identify with or buy a garment represented on a size 20 woman, so why should our industry assume that the same is not true for plus-size women

I’d also like to clarify that when I state plus-size, I include women that are size 16+.  The fashion industry (think catwalks in Paris and Milan, and women’s fashion magazines) rarely if ever acknowledge fashion over a size 14, in fact often fashions go only to a size 12.

Mainstream sizes are traditionally 8-16 (or even 6-14).  It’s rare that a brand will go over a 16, and it is almost never that you will see a brand who manufactures for sizes 8-16 representing their garments on a size 16 figure, you will always see them represented on a size 8-10.

I’m a size 20. I love to shop. I love to buy clothes. I have money to spend. I want  fashion marketed to me in a way that makes me want to spend money – and acknowledges that I am plus-size, it’s ok for me to be plus-size and that the people who are designing, manufacturing or retailing garments for my body understand what I want and need.

This week I received some encouraging news, the designers, from Leah S. Design Studios in Melbourne’s southeast, are having an open casting to find the next ‘face’ of their Plus Size Perfection collection.

I was lucky enough to meet Leah & Lyn a few years ago when I was doing a shoot for a plus-size bridal piece. You can see one of their beautiful Plus Size Perfection gowns on the left in the image below – gorgeous!

“We think all women regardless of size are fabulous and beautiful. Our Plus Size Perfection campaign is not only about challenging the stereotypes of what is takes to be a model, but also what is beautiful,” says Lyn.

“We want to support our local community by giving up-and-coming models, or girls who are hoping to break into plus-sized modelling, their big break,” she says.

The designers are searching for a local beauty, size 18-30, to help bring their 2013 collection “to life”.

“Our designs are created with real women in mind, says Lyn. “We don’t believe that only women who conform to the skinny ideal should look beautiful on their wedding day. So our collection includes styles that suit women of all sizes.

“The designs for our up-coming collection are very feminine and romantic, created with exquisite fabrics and laces which have been delicately beaded to achieve a glamorous look.”

As well as becoming the face of the collection, the successful applicant will receive a $1000 Westfield voucher and photography to help launch their modelling portfolio.

“You don’t necessarily have to have any professional modelling experience to enter,” says Lyn.  We’re just looking for someone who encapsulates the spirit of our collection and who is interested in modelling.”

The casting will be held on Sunday October 28 between 11am and 3pm at The Leah S Design Studios, 3/167 Princes Highway in Hallam, Victoria.

CONGRATULATIONS Leah & Lyn, I can’t wait to see the results of your casting and new marketing campaign.

Love your shape!

Janine x